2020 flu vaccination is ready now

Also this shingle vaccination is free for anyone above 65, cost $250 before. Please call 09 6267511 to book or just pop in.

Vaccines being delivered to New Zealand ahead of this year's flu season have been updated to include a new strain, after problems with their effectiveness overseas.

We can deal with:


Medical Consultation


Minor Surgery


ACC services


Podiatric service



Welcome to our clinic

With the change of modern medical society, community primary health services are playing more and more important role in the public health system. New Zealand government is making tremendous effort and funding on the preventive medicine in the community.

The whole team in our clinic would like to make valuable contribution to achieve this goal set up by the modern society.

In addition to traditional consultation, we also perform different minor surgery under local anaesthetic. Dr Tony An has extensive surgical experience gained overseas and different hospital in New Zealand.

Also, we have a podiatrist, Mr Willis Hong, who looks after your feet. You may be entitled for free foot care if you have diabetes or foot/ankle injury.


Dr. Tony An


Victoria Ham


Willis Hong




We warmly welcome new enrolment and casual visitors. You will meet a friendly team who is committed to offer you and your family a high quality services in this fast expanding community.