Welcome to New Windsor Medical Centre. Our focus is not only on your current medical condition, but also on your wellness and the quality of your life.

Medical Consultation

  • Consultations for acute and chronic medical conditions
  • Family planning advice
  • Child health including childhood vaccinations and well being checks
  • Stress and psychological problems

Minor Surgery

  • Excision of moles, skin cancer and other lesions plus skin graft and flap
  • Vasectomy and Jadelle implant/removal (you may be entitled for government funding, please find this from your doctor)
  • Circumcision for either children or adults
  • Inguinal hernia and umbilical hernia repair under local anaesthetic
  • Toenail wedge resection

ACC services

  • Wound care and change of dressing
  • Casting and plastering of simple limbs fracture
  • Soft tissue injury management
  • ACC certificate and injury claim

Podiatric service: you may be entitled for free service if you have diabetes

Driver's license examination $45

Travel vaccinations and advices